Need More Time?

Do you ever find yourself wishing for a couple more hours in the day? Everyone has their own timesavers that really make it feel like there are. Here are some of mine, plus some that I learned from friends and family:


  1. Dishes…dishes…Take a bowl that is already in the sink waiting to be washed and fill it with soap and hot water. As you cook, throw all dirty cutlery, measuring spoons, etc., into the bowl. When it comes to cleanup time, all the utensils in that bowl are already half clean! With a quick run over with the sponge, you can rinse, and dry. No scrubbing off hardened food, plus, until you wash those dishes, your sink looks sort of neat with everything sitting nicely in one bowl.
  2. Instead of peeling vegetables over the garbage can and having to deal with back ache, and peels that did not make it into the garbage, place a shopping bag on the counter and peel over it. When you are done, lift the sides, fold, and put it in the garbage! This is one of my favorite time (and back) savers!  (Thanks SB!!!)
  3. If you’re forever sorting laundry, this one’s for you! Buy a second hamper and label it “whites.” Instruct all family members to put white (or light, or whatever you choose,) laundry into the second hamper. No more separating whites from darks!
  4. In a rush to make that mac and cheese dinner? Use angel hair pasta, it cooks a lot quicker that macaroni or spaghetti.
  5. This tip might seem to waste more time than it saves, but I find that it really helps me zoom through the supermarket, and it is definitely a time saver for me. When you make your shopping list, order it according to the layout of the store. This way, as you go through the aisles, you can cross of items on your list, and you do not end up going backwards once you finish and are standing by the cash registers.

That’s it for now…feel free to add your own tips in the comments, I am always on the lookout for more time savers!


Photo by  Grzegorz Łobiński through Flickr


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