Eating While on the Run

When you’re on the run, or even just super busy at home, it can be really hard to find time to put together nutritious meals for yourself.

Sometimes you get so busy with the kiddos, that your hunger gets satiated with a chocolate bar, or a can of Pringles…not so healthy 😉 and not filling in the long run.

Here is a list of four easy, delicious, nutritious, and filling snack to take while out of the house, or to eat at home when you just don’t have an extra second.

1. Norman’s Yogurt Poppers– I love the choco-granola flavor! I am really not into yogurt, but I tasted this recently, and was hooked! Make sure to keep some of these in your fridge at all times: They are healthy, pretty low in fat (5g), easy to take along, and really yummy too.

2. Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips-These chips are really tasty, and will satisfy your nosh craving without sacrificing your health. They are full of great ingredients, including flax and sunflower seeds, and are extremely portable.

3. ShakeDowns Baby Carrots- Made by Bolthouse Farms, these awesome snacks are p baby carrots which come with a seasoning packet (chili lime or ranch) which you shake upon the carrots, and then enjoy guilt free. It really is guilt free- zero fat and only four grams of sugar per serving! You get your veggies and a great flavor all in an easy-to-take-along, easy-to-eat package.

4. Sabra Chummus and Pretzels- This snack is really delicious, crunchy, filling, and has great health benefits too. Did you know that sesame seeds (what chummus is made from) have over three dozen therapeutic benefits?! (read more here)

Now you can’t claim that you have no time to eat healthy food…
Stock up on these snacks, and you will be happy you did the next time you are hungry and the baby’s crying, you’re in middle of mopping the floor, and you have a big assignment due at work tomorrow, …. or whenever!

Enjoy, and stay healthy.



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