What is that Amazing Smell?

12825834874_675eebfc86_mThose were my words when I walked into my friend’s house the other day, and she revealed the secret…Mr. Clean with Gain.

The house literally smelled like a garden, and so I was on a mission to find that bottle.

A search in my local ShopRite came up with nothing, but a quick look on target.com showed that they sell it there, so that’s where I’m headed next.

The funny thing was, my friend usually buys the Mr. Clean with Febreze, and bought the one with Gain when her local supermarket ran out; what an awesome mistake- my house will never smell the same thanks to her!

On the topic of good smelling houses, I recently replaced the filter on my Bissel vacuum with a Febreze filter (14.99 on Amazon.com), and that was a really worthy investment. My vacuum used to let out this musty dusty smell as I vacuumed, and so after all my hard work, although my carpets were clean, they smelled horrible!

Now my house smells fresh just from a quick vacuum of the carpet!

What house cleaning products do you love?

Best wishes,


Photo by Mike Mozart through Flickr


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