Great Baby Toy!

ballMy daughter just loves playing with balls.

There is something about it that excites her.

The problem is, depending on the size of the ball, it usually rolls away, and she spends all her energy chasing after it…which is not necessarily a bad thing 😉

Sometimes it can be frustrating for her when she just can’t grip the ball, and I just found the best ball that she just LOVES to play with!

The Edushape Senso-Dot Ball is a ball with grips all over it that babies love to hold, squeeze, chew, lick, and look at.

Buy it- your baby will love it too!

Happy playing!



Great Cleaning Tip!

Have you ever tried cleaning up glitter after an arts and crafts project?

That stuff gets everywhere, and can be really annoying to remove!

If you try to sweep it, your broom will forever be dragging the shiny stuff all over your house, and vacuuming can sometimes result in glittery puffs of wind coming up from the machine…

There is a solution: a lint roller!

This simple idea really works, is easy, cheap, and you probably have one in your house anyway!

Just roll it over the mess, and it’s all clean.

If you do not have a lint roller, a large piece of tape can also do the trick, it might just take a bit longer.

Happy cleaning!

Taking Pictures?

Spring is in the air (finally!) and this is the time of year when many families take professional pictures outdoors.

One of the hardest parts of taking pictures with little kids is finding the perfect mix of outfits that:
a. looks good together
b. fits everyone
c. feels comfortable- because when the kids feel itchy that shows in the pictures
d. will not get dirty in ten seconds (think white pants)

Here is one idea for a family of three.

I like this mix because it’s neutral so it won’t take away from the kids’ faces, and it looks like it fits all four criteria above!


The best part is, it is not expensive, and all the items can be found at Gap.

Although they are not super cheap to begin with, they are always having sales, so if you know when to buy, you can get very classy, well-made, cute clothing for the right price.

On the topic of photography, I just found this awesome blog that documents that “kids were here” with creative pictures. It is very interesting- so if you’re into this kids of stuff, make sure to check out



What is that Amazing Smell?

12825834874_675eebfc86_mThose were my words when I walked into my friend’s house the other day, and she revealed the secret…Mr. Clean with Gain.

The house literally smelled like a garden, and so I was on a mission to find that bottle.

A search in my local ShopRite came up with nothing, but a quick look on showed that they sell it there, so that’s where I’m headed next.

The funny thing was, my friend usually buys the Mr. Clean with Febreze, and bought the one with Gain when her local supermarket ran out; what an awesome mistake- my house will never smell the same thanks to her!

On the topic of good smelling houses, I recently replaced the filter on my Bissel vacuum with a Febreze filter (14.99 on, and that was a really worthy investment. My vacuum used to let out this musty dusty smell as I vacuumed, and so after all my hard work, although my carpets were clean, they smelled horrible!

Now my house smells fresh just from a quick vacuum of the carpet!

What house cleaning products do you love?

Best wishes,


Photo by Mike Mozart through Flickr

How Do you Celebrate Birthdays?

5045502202_1d867c8a41_mBirthdays mean different things to different people; everyone has their unique way to mark the day.

I love to make a big deal out of birthdays, because it always makes the celebrant feel special, no matter if they are turning 4 or 40.

I usually bake or buy a cake, and decorate the house before the child/spouse comes home. I also write a card – which by the way does not need to be more than $0.99. There is no reason to spend $3.75 on a card, when the cheaper section has very nice ones too. I think ShopRite does a great job on those cheaper cards, and Target is not bad either. Then when the celebrant walks through the door, they are greeted with decorations, a cake, and a card, and the smile on their face makes all the work worth it!

The funny thing is that I can do this year after yet it is still a surprise! You would think they would catch on by now….

How do you celebrate birthdays?

Photo by Will Clayton through Flickr

Eating While on the Run

When you’re on the run, or even just super busy at home, it can be really hard to find time to put together nutritious meals for yourself.

Sometimes you get so busy with the kiddos, that your hunger gets satiated with a chocolate bar, or a can of Pringles…not so healthy 😉 and not filling in the long run.

Here is a list of four easy, delicious, nutritious, and filling snack to take while out of the house, or to eat at home when you just don’t have an extra second.

1. Norman’s Yogurt Poppers– I love the choco-granola flavor! I am really not into yogurt, but I tasted this recently, and was hooked! Make sure to keep some of these in your fridge at all times: They are healthy, pretty low in fat (5g), easy to take along, and really yummy too.

2. Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips-These chips are really tasty, and will satisfy your nosh craving without sacrificing your health. They are full of great ingredients, including flax and sunflower seeds, and are extremely portable.

3. ShakeDowns Baby Carrots- Made by Bolthouse Farms, these awesome snacks are p baby carrots which come with a seasoning packet (chili lime or ranch) which you shake upon the carrots, and then enjoy guilt free. It really is guilt free- zero fat and only four grams of sugar per serving! You get your veggies and a great flavor all in an easy-to-take-along, easy-to-eat package.

4. Sabra Chummus and Pretzels- This snack is really delicious, crunchy, filling, and has great health benefits too. Did you know that sesame seeds (what chummus is made from) have over three dozen therapeutic benefits?! (read more here)

Now you can’t claim that you have no time to eat healthy food…
Stock up on these snacks, and you will be happy you did the next time you are hungry and the baby’s crying, you’re in middle of mopping the floor, and you have a big assignment due at work tomorrow, …. or whenever!

Enjoy, and stay healthy.