Taking Pictures?

Spring is in the air (finally!) and this is the time of year when many families take professional pictures outdoors.

One of the hardest parts of taking pictures with little kids is finding the perfect mix of outfits that:
a. looks good together
b. fits everyone
c. feels comfortable- because when the kids feel itchy that shows in the pictures
d. will not get dirty in ten seconds (think white pants)

Here is one idea for a family of three.

I like this mix because it’s neutral so it won’t take away from the kids’ faces, and it looks like it fits all four criteria above!


The best part is, it is not expensive, and all the items can be found at Gap.

Although they are not super cheap to begin with, they are always having sales, so if you know when to buy, you can get very classy, well-made, cute clothing for the right price.

On the topic of photography, I just found this awesome blog that documents that “kids were here” with creative pictures. It is very interesting- so if you’re into this kids of stuff, make sure to check out¬†http://kidswerehere.wordpress.com/.