How Do you Celebrate Birthdays?

5045502202_1d867c8a41_mBirthdays mean different things to different people; everyone has their unique way to mark the day.

I love to make a big deal out of birthdays, because it always makes the celebrant feel special, no matter if they are turning 4 or 40.

I usually bake or buy a cake, and decorate the house before the child/spouse comes home. I also write a card – which by the way does not need to be more than $0.99. There is no reason to spend $3.75 on a card, when the cheaper section has very nice ones too. I think ShopRite does a great job on those cheaper cards, and Target is not bad either. Then when the celebrant walks through the door, they are greeted with decorations, a cake, and a card, and the smile on their face makes all the work worth it!

The funny thing is that I can do this year after yet it is still a surprise! You would think they would catch on by now….

How do you celebrate birthdays?

Photo by Will Clayton through Flickr